Even if you’ve worked in retail before, working at a Northern or NorthMart store in a remote community offers an experience like no other. Your store will be central to meeting your customers’ needs for food, essentials and services. Your product could come in by winter road, sealift or a plane at the small airport just out of town, and you’ll be part of the community—inside and outside of store hours. Most importantly, you’ll be part of a tight-knit team that gets the job done. If you’re customer-focused, resourceful and up for a new challenge, The North West Company offers you the chance for a fast-paced, meaningful career with a stable, successful employer.

The North West Company is one of the longest continuing retail enterprises in the world. We trace our roots back to 1668, with many Northern stores operating for over 200 years. Today our stores serve communities with populations of 500 to 8,000. A typical store is 7,500 square feet and offers food, apparel, housewares, appliances and outdoor products, as well as services such as a post office, income tax preparation, quick-service prepared food, commercial business sales, money transfers and cheque cashing.

What it Takes

Whether you’re stocking shelves, serving food, receiving freight, running a department or managing the store, you’ll be serving your customers and contributing to the community. We have six core principles that keep us successful: customer-driven, passion, enterprise, accountability, trust and personal balance.

Who we're looking for

We’re looking for dynamic people who are passionate about retailing and customer service and are eager to experience new cultures, challenging work and life in the north. It takes someone special to do this job. Is it you?



Where are Northern and NorthMart stores located?

We have over 130 retail stores located in small communities in northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Newfound and Labrador.

How many hours will I be working?

Like the rest of retail, it’s not uncommon for salaried management employees to work long hours or to be needed at the store on a day off, but we take that into account. Your compensation package reflects the true effort and hours you put into the store. Full-time hourly employees work 40 hours a week. This generally includes evening and weekend shifts.

Where are your vacancies? Do I have location choice?

Our vacancies change, so we recruit and hire year-round for multiple locations. While we will certainly consider your preference, a particular community might not have an opening or, operationally, might not be a good fit. We aim to assign you to a store where you will be set up for success.

Do you offer a relocation package?

For most positions, we provide a generous relocation package for you and any immediate family relocating with you.

What departments make up a Northern and NorthMart Store?

Produce, Meat, Grocery, C-Store, General Merchandise, Admin Office, Deli/HMR & Bakery and Food Service. For more details, see Our Departments.

What type of medical services are offered in the community?

Most communities have nursing stations where medical services are provided on a rotational basis by doctors and dentists. Very few communities have a hospital; however, if required, the province or territory provides access to medical services.

What are you looking for in a new hire?

Above all, we’re looking for people excited about working and living in the north. To learn more, check out the individual job pages.

What options are there for my family? Can we bring our Pets?

We often hire couples or family members who are eligible to work. For younger children, it’s important to connect with the local school or daycare. Some communities do not allow pets, others allow a maximum of two pets. This is based, primarily, on housing restrictions and is definitely a question to ask when you’re discussing possible locations. Also be aware that very few communities have veterinary services.

What type of training will be provided?

Store Managers and Department Managers receive foundational training at our NWC Training Centre, then move on to a more tailored program with our store operations team. Read more in Comprehensive Training. Supervisors are trained at their store and learn on the job with oversight from management.

Do you offer any employee benefits?

Yes! In addition to competitive salaries, we offer a comprehensive benefits program and very generous food and housing allowances. Further information will be provided to you during the hiring process.

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