Why should you kick start your career with us?

If you are looking into a career in retail, working in store operations is the perfect way to kick start this career. Our Student opportunities and New Graduate Incentive Program allows candidates the opportunity to develop new skills alongside thriving in a hands-on, results driven environment.

Not only do you get to learn every aspect of running a store, you are well paid to do so. To be clear, we are not offering a classroom learning program. In both roles, our candidates are hands on, pragmatic people who use their initiative to learn from the best and lead from the front. Whilst it helps to have worked in retail before and maybe led a team in the past; we are really after people hungry to learn the ins and outs of a retail store and keen to test their skills in a dynamic and fast paced environment.

If you are hungry for it, you will be given high levels of accountability and the freedom to act autonomously, as quickly as you are ready. There is always something to do and a complex problem to work through. You will never be bored, and we believe that we provide a perfect environment for you to apply classroom learning into a real life environment.

You will work hard, and you will get your hands dirty. You will also be able to test your planning and organization skills, hone your multi-tasking proficiency, and work alongside experienced managers to help you develop and expand your leadership toolkit. You will also get to develop your competency to work respectfully, knowledgeably and effectively in the communities in northern Canada, where you not only work but also live.

If you are interested in building a career in retail, then we currently have two opportunities for you to consider:

Our temporary student contract positions are perfect for students looking to gain valuable experience in the retail industry while they are still studying. You will have the opportunity to earn and save money while working and living in distant locations across northern Canada, either during your summer break (May to September) or while studying online through remote learning methods. We offer flexibility in our contract terms, offering anything from 3 to 12-month contracts.

You will become an essential part of our hardworking retail team and help us make a difference in our stores and communities. To be successful, you need to be customer-driven, a great team player and have the capability to jump in and get involved in both the store and the community on arrival. In return, you will be provided with a competitive compensation and benefits package, including food and housing allowances.

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If you are interested in building a career in retail management and have graduated within the last 2 years, we have an exciting program for you.

Our Graduate Incentive Program offers recent university and college graduates with a significant financial incentive on top of their pay and benefits based on the terms of the program. Candidates who are entered in the program are also provided with subsidized food and housing. This is an amazing opportunity to be trained in retail management, develop a long term career with a stable employer, while gaining meaningful compensation that you can use to aid your education investment to date or to help you save for your future.

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Our Departments

Department - Produce



Our produce departments provide unique fruit and vegetables to the markets they serve. We get input from customers and order to their needs. Our value-added items are made in-house each day. Our customers love the fresh cut veggies and fruit packaged for quick and easy eating.

Department - Meat



Our meat departments are very important to our customers. The team ensures that product is displayed and priced to sell to customers. Meat includes chicken, pork, and beef as well as fish and seafood in the fresh and frozen cases.

Department - Grocery



The grocery department is the largest in the store. It is where we display, price, and promote packaged items and dry goods such as can items, cereals, and non-refrigerated drinks. The grocery department also includes frozen and dairy items like milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Department - C-Store


C-Store & Gas Service

We offer our customers the chance to do a quick shop in our C-Stores. They can grab a snack or coffee and quick meals like sandwiches and pizza. Some locations offer fuel services as well.

Department - General Merchandise

General Merchandise

General Merchandise

Working in General Merchandise means you get to work with everything from small to big ticket items. Fishing gear to boats, clothing to appliances, and electronics to snowmobiles. You get to display, talk to customers about their needs, and learn about the new items coming to the store.

Department - Admin Office

Admin Office

Admin Office

Our admin department provides many important services to our customers. Some locations have Canada Post outlets and process all mail for the community. Other locations have lottery. All stores provide money transfer services, personal tax preparation, and provide financing for making big purchases like a new ATV.

Department - Deli/HMR & Bakery

Deli/HMR & Bakery

Deli & Home Meals

Our customers enjoy the convenience of prepared meals, sandwiches, and snacks we make in our deli. We have a variety of thaw and serve products and we cook hot items like chicken, pizza, and Chinese cuisine.

Department - Food Service

Food Service

Tim Hortons & Branded Food Service

Many of our communities enjoy the connection to food brands they recognize like Tim Hortons, Pizza Hut, and KFC. These brands have their own recipes and products that they serve. Our associates learn how to prepare some of the most popular food brands in the country.