Am I taking a job away from a local resident?

Our first priority is to recruit locally in the communities we serve, absolutely. However, sometimes we need to look outside our communities to find a specific skill set and/or level of experience.

How will I be perceived in the community?

Our communities are very inviting. If you come in with an open, non-judgmental, and respectful attitude, you’re sure to be a part of the community in no time.

How long do the positions last for?

Our minimum commitment is for two years. Ideally, we’re looking for people who want to build a long-term career and spend many years serving our communities.

Is it okay if I speak only English? Are other languages spoken?

English is understood and communicated in most of our stores and communities.

What is a reasonable amount of time between my acceptance of a job offer and my start date?

We like to have new hires placed within 30 days of offer acceptance.

Do you employ family members?

Spouses, dependents, friends, and family members are all absolutely welcome to apply for employment.

What is the dress code at the store?

You’ll be provided with a vest that you’ll wear while working. If anything more formal or different is needed, you’ll be made aware during the hiring process.

Are there medical/dental services in these communities?

A lot of the communities we serve only have nursing station facilities. Very few have hospitals or full-time dentists. Dentists will often visit once every 6 months or so.

Are there certain times during the year that I cannot take vacation?

There are certain times where vacations are not possible, yes. New hires will be made aware during the application process of these times.

Do you have a bereavement policy?

Yes, we do. In the unfortunate event it is needed, a paid leave of absence of up to 3 days is offered. An additional 2 days of paid leave of absence may be granted for travel purposes.

What if I have a family emergency and need to leave the community?

If there’s an emergency, we will accommodate time away as needed.

How does the bonus program work?

The structure and the details of each plan vary. Be sure to connect with your store manager for details!

What is the Employee Ownership Plan?

The Employee Ownership Plan (EOP) lets employees purchase shares in the North West Company. Employees are eligible to receive 1 share for every three purchased to a maximum of 6% of their salary.

How do I ship my personal belongings to my new community and how much is the allowance?

You can ship your belongings to yourself using your standard courier. The allowance per employee is $500.

Can I choose what community I relocate to?

While we definitely take personal preference into account, but we do send people where they are most needed.

Can I bring pets?

You can! Sometimes they may not be allowed though based on accommodation restrictions and other factors. NOTE: The cost of transporting your pets is not covered by the company and some airlines have restrictions at certain times during the year for pet travel.

Will you pay my monthly storage fees?

We don’t pay for monthly storage, no. We hope you are a permanent part of the Cost-U-Less team.

Will you pay for the sale of my home?

No, the decision is left up to the new hire whether or not to sell their current home.

Do I need a vehicle? Can I drive to my new community?

Lots of communities are not accessible by road, and the community you’re serving usually dictates transportation within itself.

How do I find out more information about a specific community?

At time of offer, we’ll give you with the name of the community and the store manager’s phone number. They’ll be able to bring you up to speed on the community and other important local information.

Who will pick me up at the airport?

The store manager or a store representative will get you at the airport.

What if I experience delays/cancellations during my travel day?

When your travel is booked, you’ll be given an emergency phone number that you can call if you have any problems.

Where do I get my driver’s license/healthcare changed over?

Be sure to check the local government regulations for this information.

Is there daycare or schooling for kids?

It varies by community. Be sure to check ahead of time about local school/daycare.

What kind of outerwear/clothing do I need?

Every location and region is different. When you talk to your store manager, be sure to ask what sort of clothing or gear you’ll need.

How will I handle the climate?

Temperatures and climate will probably be different than what you’re used to. You can ask your store manager for advice before relocating or you can do your own research into the region!