Am I taking a job away from a local resident?

We make it a priority is to recruit locally as much as we can in the communities we serve, but sometimes we must look outside our communities to find a specific skill set and/or level of experience.

How will I be perceived in the community?

Our communities have a long history of welcoming newcomers who are understanding and respectful of their way of life. We encourage all of our employees to be open minded and polite with the residents and the community as a whole. 

How long will I be expected to work in Alaska?

Our minimum commitment for workers is two years. Our ideal candidate is one who is looking to build a long-term career and spend many years serving our communities.

Do people speak English in the communities you serve?

Most of our stores and communities are fluent in English.

What is a dry community?

A dry community is one where no alcohol permitted. Not every location we serve is dry, and new hires will be made aware of any community-specific bylaws ahead of time.

What is a reasonable amount of time between my acceptance of a job offer and my start date?

Our goal is to have you placed in a position within 30 days of accepting an offer.

Do you employ family members?

Spouses, dependents, friends, and family members are all welcome to apply for employment.

What is the dress code at the store?

You will be provided with a branded ACC collared shirt, short or long sleeved. If anything beyond this is required, new hires will be made aware during the hiring process.

Are there medical/dental services in Alaska?

The majority of our communities have access to nursing station facilities, but very few have full-service hospitals or full-time dentists. Dentist will often travel to these communities once every 6 months.

Are there certain times during the year that I cannot take vacation?

In order to serve our communities, there are certain times of the year that are not available for vacation. This includes, but is not limited to, Thanksgiving week, Black Friday, Christmas week, ManagerConference, Permanent Fund Divident, the first two weeks of January, and the months of May and June (for inventory purposes). We will be sure to make any new hires aware of this during the hiring process.

Do you have a bereavement policy?

Yes, a paid leave of absence of up to 3 days is offered for deaths within the immediate family. An additional 2 days of paid leave of absence may be granted for travel purposes.

How does the bonus program work?

The details of each plan vary between the supervisor, department manager, and store manager. All management employees have a structured bonus program. All bonus programs are built on the contribution margin of the home store.

What is the Employee Ownership Plan?

The Employee Ownership Plan (EOP) allows employees to purchase shares in the North West Company in a 1-for-3 option. Employees are eligible to receive 1 share for every three purchased to a maximum of 6% of their salary.

How do I ship my personal belongings to my new community and how much is the allowance?

Generally, new hires ship their belongings through standard courier. Alternative, private methods can be used if necessary.

Can I choose what community I relocate to?

No, new hires are placed in communities and positions based on business needs. We are proud to serve a variety of communities, all of which rely on us for support.

Can I bring pets?

Yes. However, sometimes pets may not be allowed due to circumstances outside our control. This would be addressed as applicants move through the hiring process. The cost of transporting your pets is not covered by the company, and airlines also have restrictions at certain times during the year for pet travel.

Will you pay my monthly storage fees?

No, we bring people into the ACC family who we expect want to make a rewarding, permanent life in Alaska.

Will you pay for the sale of my home?

No, ACC will not assist in the sale of a new hire’s current home.

Do I need a vehicle? Can I drive to my new community?

Many communities in Alaska are not accessible by road. The community you’re serving usually dictates transportation within itself.

How do I find out more information about a specific community?

We’ll provide you with the name of the community and the store manager’s phone number. They will be able to provide you with more background, history, and information.

Who will pick me up at the airport?

The store manager or a store representative will greet you at the airport.

What if I experience delays/cancellations during my travel day?

You’ll be given an emergency phone number that you can call if you have any problems. Usually, weather-related delays mean the airline will set you up in a hotel and book you on another flight.

Where do I get my driver’s license/healthcare changed over?

The State of Alaska website provides information on switching over your documents: https://doa.alaska.gov/dmv/home.htm

Is there daycare or schooling for kids?

It varies by community. It’s important to connect with the local school/daycare when considering our offer of employment.

What kind of outerwear do I need?

The climate will probably be colder than you are used to, so be sure to ask your store manager what sort of outdoor gear or outerwear you will need.

How will I handle the cold?

Temperatures in Alaska are indeed colder than those down south. In winter, the average daily temperature is around –20C, but can dip below –40C. We encourage you to dress warmly at all times. Plus, there are lots of fun ways to enjoy the winter weather, such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice fishing, and more!