When you get right down to it, a successful store is a well-run blend of successful departments. Are you ready to take on a department of your own? Department Managers make a real difference to a store’s look, feel and profit—and it’s a great feeling to own your piece of the operation.

If you’re ready to lead, plan, get your hands a little dirty and tap into your creativity, then you’re ready to run a department. Your work will be interesting and varied. You could be merchandising, ordering, planning a special event, serving customers, receiving deliveries, guiding your team, scheduling or taking charge of the store when the Store Manager is away. You get the idea! It’s the perfect job for people who are enthusiastic, energetic and results-driven.

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Ready to make the north your home?

Our environment is a little different than others. You'll handle challenges that are unique to northern communities, such as weather-delayed shipments or deliveries arriving via all sorts of transport. But, you’ll be part of a team that knows how to get the job done and you’ll experience the rewards of living in a northern community.

The scenery is breathtaking, outdoor activities are right out your backdoor, the air is clean and—with a respectful, learning attitude—you will have the rare opportunity to get to know your customers personally, and experience cultural and community life.

Department Managers receive an excellent compensation package of pay and benefits, as well as generously subsidized food and housing. This provides a meaningful opportunity to save for your future.

Whether you have retail experience or transferable skills from another industry, we offer first-rate training at our Winnipeg facility as well as support from successful operators. We want you to succeed, both now and as you grow your capabilities and career. Many of our Department Managers go on to become Store Managers or Department Managers at larger stores. 

Are you a couple? Friends, siblings or just two colleagues who get along really well? We are always willing to consider people who would be a great fit for our stores and want to join as a team.  Work and explore a new community together.

Our Departments

Department - Produce



Our eye-catching produce departments provide an array of fresh fruit and vegetables, and are key to healthy eating in the north. We make value-added items, like cut veggies and fruit cups, each day. These quick, nutritious snacks are always winners with our customers. Produce department teams are expert at displays and making the most of their highly perishable product.

Department - Meat



Our meat departments anchor our customers’ shopping trips. We offer chicken, pork, beef, fish and seafood in both fresh and frozen cases. In many stores, we make value-added items, like stir-fry strips and breaded cutlets, to give our customers quick, nutritious supper options. Meat department teams specialize in safe food handling and get creative with cross-merchandised and seasonal displays.

Department - Grocery



The grocery department is the largest department in the store. In “center store,” customers find all their packaged and canned goods, baking staples, cereals, etc. The grocery department also includes frozen and dairy items like milk, cheese and yogurt. Grocery department teams are efficient and organized, making sure shelves are stocked, product is priced and sale items are flagged.

Department - C-Store


C-Store & Gas Service

C is for convenience, and our customers can always run into our C-Stores to grab a snack, coffee or a couple of items. There are quick meals like sandwiches and pizza, and some C-Stores have gas pumps. C-Store teams focus on the friendly, in-and-out service that customers are looking for.

Department - General Merchandise

General Merchandise

General Merchandise

From socks to snowmobiles, our General Merchandise departments have it all. Though small in size, GM departments are big in meeting our customers’ needs (and wants) with an ever-changing assortment. General Merchandise teams keep the necessities flowing, move with the seasons and are great at helping customers find just the right item.

Department - Admin Office

Admin Office

Admin Office

To our customers, the Admin Department is “the office.” Critical to life in the north, the Admin Department provides financial services, cheque cashing, money transfers, tax preparation and financing on major purchases, like ATVs. Some locations have Canada Post outlets and some offer lottery. Admin Department teams thrive on accurate, process-driven and confidential service.

Department - Deli/HMR & Bakery

Deli/HMR & Bakery

Deli & Home Meals

Is there such a thing as “home meal replacement?” Our customers think so and so do we. For busy-day dinners and quick lunches, there’s nothing like the convenience of prepared meals, sandwiches and snacks fresh-made in the deli. We offer thaw-and-serve products and hot items, like chicken, pizza and Chinese food, hot and ready-to-go. Our Deli/HMR/Bakery teams are expert food handlers who know how to solve hungry in a hurry.

Department - Food Service

Food Service

Tim Hortons & Branded Food Service

You don’t have to live in the city to get Tim Hortons, Pizza Hut and KFC. Many of our stores run branded outlets, using their recipes and products to give our northern customers the same fast-food taste. Food Service teams know how to make some of the most popular food brands in the country.

Comprehensive Training

Management new hires get hands-on training at our NWC Training Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our training program is made up of a wide range of operational modules and leadership courses to ensure you have the skills and knowledge you need before heading up to your store. We also offer an excellent cultural awareness course to help anyone new to the north build positive relationships in your new store community.

How to become one of our team


Preliminary Stage - Get to know us

If your online application is selected, you’ll be invited to an information session where you’ll learn more about who we are, where we are located, our unique business model and what life is really like in the communities we serve.


Assessment Stage - Who are you?

We’ll send you an online assessment so you can tell us about your leadership potential and just how you fit our Store Management profile. Our recruiters will set up some time to speak to you remotely about your background and experience. If you’re selected, you’ll be asked to submit references and complete a criminal record check.


Interview Stage - Showcase!

Showcase your knowledge, leadership and unique skills—and meet some of the operations team—when you attend your in-person or virtual interview. If you’re meeting in Winnipeg, you’ll also get a tour of the NWC Training Centre.


Final Stage - New Adventure

Accept our offer, take a fitness-to-work medical and we’ll book your flight. Welcome to the Northern/NorthMart team!

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Ready to make the north your home?